Homework – Thursday 6th July


Last Friday marked the 80th year that the emergency services number 999 has been used. That’s 80 years of people calling this important number! Have a read through this Newsround article and look at the interesting pictures. Then answer these questions:

  1. What are the three emergency services you can call?
  2. How many calls did the number get in its first week?
  3. In what year could everyone in the whole of the UK call 999?
  4. Give TWO examples of problems where you wouldn’t need to call 999?
  5. Give THREE example of problems where you would need to call 999?

Best posts win… BLOGGER of the WEEK!

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Homework – Thursday 15th June and Wednesday 21st June

This week’s homework is about the amazingly brave firefighters who have been working tirelessly to put out a huge blaze in West London. Read and watch this Newsround report to find out more. To celebrate the amazing heroic bravery they and the people who live in the tower block have shown, can you write a poem about them? Try to use interesting similes, moving metaphors and emotional adjective to describe them.

The best could win Blogger of the Week! SO FAR, coratulations to Marta and Daniel for their great poems.


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Homework – 7th June

This Thursday on the 8th June is a general election. All people over 18 in whole of the United Kingdom, from Cornwall, to London, to the Shetland Islands, are able to vote for who they think should be the prime minister, the person in charge of the army, where money is spent, the police, hospitals, schools and many many more things!

Have a look at the Newsround videos on the groups of people (parties) trying to become Prime Minister. There’s lots more on the site, but here are links for the Labour Party, the Conservative Party, the Liberal Democrats and the Green Party.

Which do you think is best? Tell me who you would vote for and why!

Remember there is no school on Thursday, but there is on Friday – need your P.E kit on Friday.

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Homework – 11th May

This half term we have been learning about Sikhism, a religion started in India by Guru Nanak over 500 years ago. Remind yourself of the place of worship, the Gurdwara, in this video.

Answer these questions:
1) Why do the Sikhs treat their holy book so differently?
2) How is a Gurdwara similar AND different to another religious place of worship? (e.g. a mosque, synagogue or church)
3) What happens in the langar hall?
4) Describe a trip to the Gurdwara, what might you see in the temple?


Best posts will win Blogger of the Week certificates! Well done to Max and Jarra from the 26th April.

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Homework – Thursday 26th April

Welcome back to the 3C blog! It’s going to be an exciting final term in year 3, with trips to Clapham, swimming, the barbecue, the summer fair, a trip to a museum in June and the camping trip on May 18th and 19th! So much going on!

Our first blog homework will be about a very important animal, bees! Read this website and answer the questions below to show your learning.

  1. Why are bees important for a lot of the food we eat? NOT including honey.
  2. Why are there less bees than in previous years?
  3. What are the three types of bees and how are they different?

Write a story on the blog about an amazing bee and there adventures. Make sure you include some of the learning from the website, look at the 6 facts section to help you.

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Summer Term Notices

Hello 3C! After Easter a couple of things in our timetable will change, please tell your parents/carers so they can help you remember. The first day back is Tuesday 18th April.

P.E: We will now have P.E on a Thursday and Friday.
On Thursday, starting the SECOND week back (April 27th), we’ll be swimming. This will happen every week, with the last lesson being July 13th. There will be letter going out about this after Easter.
Bring your normal P.E kit with you on Fridays and Thursday 20th April.

Music: 3C will start music lessons again with Ms Launn. These will be at 1:45pm every Thursday.

Library: 3C will try to go to the library every Thursday, so please bring your library book in to change. YOU SHOULD BE BRINGING A READING BOOK IN EVERYDAY.

There is a meeting about Bearswood camping on Monday 24th April. Bearswood trip will be May 18th-19th.

Optional Easter homework:

After Easter we will start a local area study comparing Clapham to another part of the UK. If you would like to, make an advert for living in Clapham. What do you like about the area? What is here for people to do? Think about children, young adults, older adults and people with different hobbies. What jobs can people do in Clapham? What is nearby to Clapham? What is the environment like in Clapham?

You can make this as a poster, video, leaflet, piece of writing – anything you like! This is not a blog homework.

Please keep practising times tables and related facts during the holidays.

Have a relaxing, safe and eggcellent Easter! See you on Tuesday 18th April.

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Homework – 29th March

Our topic in Maths is time we have been telling the time, reading and comparing times and last week we recorded times. Have a look at the photos below!
Your blog homework is to write a schedule of your school day and a schedule for a week later, the Easter holidays.

Using the times below times, write one schedule for a week day and one for the next week. You should have two when you’re finished.

8 am:
9 am:
10:40 am:
11:00 am:
12 midday:
1:35 pm:
2 pm:
3:30 pm:
5 pm:
7 pm:
10 pm:

Extension: a) What do am and pm mean?
b) How are your two schedules different?
c) Are there any activities that you do at the same time in the holidays and at school?

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22nd March Maths – Estimating and recording

On Wednesday, 3C were estimating the length of time to complete a variety of tasks and then timing how long it took. Our next lesson will be to compare our lengths of time and see what we can conclude. Have a look at our brilliant learning AND teamwork!

Children estimated and recorded themselves writing their name, writing the alphabet five times, building a tower of 30 cubes, taking the shoes off and back on, doing 10 star jumps, 5 push ups and others!

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Homework – 22nd March

This Friday is Red Nose Day, a day to raise money for the charity, Comic Relief! We are raising money for this day by bringing in 50p or £1 to wear pyjamas! BUT why are we raising money? Who does it go to? Who are Comic Relief?

Read Patrick’s story and watch the video about why he needs Comic Relief’s help. Then answer these questions:

  1. What is malaria and how did it affect Patrick’s life?
  2. How did Comic Relief help Patrick and his family?
  3. Find two other pieces of information about Comic Relief from anywhere on the website.

Well done to Daniel and Harper for brilliant blogging last week!


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Homework – 15th March

 Last Thursday was our last Chance 2 Dance session and the final performance. Mr Cullen would like you to answer these questions:

  1. What was your favourite part of Chance 2 Dance and why?
  2. What have you learnt about yourself doing Chance 2 Dance?
  3. Describe a time when you showed a growth mindset in Chance 2 Dance. This could be a the beginning when you thought you’d never be able to do anything, to practising a spin or plié knee bend so well that you can now do it really well.
  4. What would you like to do next in PE after Easter.

Congratulations to Abdisalam, Antoine Gibbons and Romy for excellent blog comments last week! You are our Bloggers of the Week!

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